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Keeneland 2017 November Breeding Stock Sale
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Hip Pedigree Name Sex Sire Dam Covering Sire State Y.O.B. Color
184 2017 Winning Call Constitution Winning Call Kentucky 2017 Bay
214 Cat’s Claw Dynaformer Chili Cat Speightstown Kentucky 2010 Bay
238 Enchanted Rock Giant’s Causeway Chic Shirine More Than Ready Kentucky 2004 Chestnut
250 Gold Mover Gold Fever Intentional Move Tapit Kentucky 1998 Chestnut
252 Great Hot (BRZ) Orientate That’s Hot Tapit Brazil 2008 Dark Bay or Brown
253 2017 Great Hot (BRZ) Empire Maker Great Hot (BRZ) Kentucky 2017 Dark Bay or Brown
275 Lindsay’s Way Giant’s Causeway Tenga Tapit Kentucky 2008 Bay
276 2017 Lindsay’s Way Tapit Lindsay’s Way Kentucky 2017 Bay
314 2017 Revealed Empire Maker Revealed Kentucky 2017 Bay
327 2017 Seeinsbelieven Empire Maker Seeinsbelieven Kentucky 2017 Bay
338 2017 Stormy Sunday Tapit Stormy Sunday Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
355 Transportation Giant’s Causeway Alternate Curlin Kentucky 2010 Dark Bay or Brown
356 Trensita Curlin Trensa More Than Ready Kentucky 2012 Chestnut
362 Urban Ball (IRE) Galileo (IRE) Ball Chairman Tapit Ireland 2009 Bay
363 2017 Urban Ball (IRE) Tapit Urban Ball (IRE) Kentucky 2017 Bay
798 Acrobatique Discreet Cat Antics Super Saver Kentucky 2013 Bay
801 Advance Party Empire Maker Aurora Shackleford Kentucky 2011 Dark Bay or Brown
804 Airs Harlan’s Holiday Antics Union Rags Kentucky 2014 Bay
805 2017 Al Beedaa Karakontie (JPN) Al Beedaa Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
815 Asian Empress Empire Maker Aurora Nyquist Kentucky 2007 Bay
829 2017 Bagatelle Park Empire Maker Bagatelle Park Kentucky 2017 Bay
856 Castor Malibu Moon Miss Challenge Frosted Kentucky 2013 Dark Bay or Brown
900 2017 Diva From Dixie Shackleford Diva From Dixie Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
911 2017 Duff One More Than Ready Duff One Kentucky 2017 Bay
926 Fencelineneighbor Wild Rush Let Fly Empire Maker Florida 2000 Dark Bay or Brown
931 2017 Five Star Annie Verrazano Five Star Annie Florida 2017 Bay
934 Fleur de Cerise Bernardini Cotton Blossom Pennsylvania 2014 Dark Bay or Brown
943 Full Tap Tapit Miss Challenge Empire Maker New York 2012 Bay
972 2017 Image of Honor Fed Biz Image of Honor Kentucky 2017 Bay
979 Jeanerette Van Nistelrooy Lady Vixen Kitten’s Joy Kentucky 2010 Bay
996 La Nez Storm Creek Iza Bay Anchor Down California 2007 Dark Bay or Brown
1140 2017 Soaring Emotions Karakontie (JPN) Soaring Emotions Kentucky 2017 Bay
1163 Street Savy Street Sense Home Court Empire Maker Kentucky 2009 Bay
1649 Allusion Street Cry (IRE) Alchemist Twirling Candy Kentucky 2011 Bay
1659 Athehsa Big Brown Santaria Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2013 Bay
1667 Azha Tapit Alyssum Air Force Blue Kentucky 2011 Chestnut
1709 Church Camp Forest Camp Holy Forest Dialed In Kentucky 2007 Chestnut
1710 2017 Church Camp Karakontie (JPN) Church Camp Kentucky 2017 Bay
1720 Cocktail Cruise Hennessy Ocean Queen Bodemeister Kentucky 2007 Chestnut
1750 2017 Drumette Palace Malice Drumette Kentucky 2017 Bay
1751 Drumette Henny Hughes Endless Parade Shackleford Kentucky 2008 Bay
1752 2017 D’ya Knowwhatimean Dialed In D’ya Knowwhatimean Kentucky 2017 Bay
1758 Ermine Slippers El Prado (IRE) Sweet as Honey Frosted Kentucky 2006 Gray or Roan
1776 2017 Foxyfromfairbanks Verrazano Foxyfromfairbanks Kentucky 2017 Bay
1793 Grace That Abounds Old Fashioned Added Asset Anchor Down Kentucky 2011 Chestnut
1794 2017 Grace That Abounds Sky Mesa Grace That Abounds Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
1819 It’s Been Nice Creative Cause Goodbye Stranger Tapizar Pennsylvania 2014 Gray or Roan
1910 Notherbeautifulday Distorted Humor Touching Beauty Bodemeister Kentucky 2014 Chestnut
1937 2017 Pyrite Storm Violence Pyrite Storm Florida 2017 Dark Bay or Brown
1944 Rangerette U S Ranger Lovely Martha Street Boss Kentucky 2012 Bay
1945 2017 Rangerette Mineshaft Rangerette Kentucky 2017 Bay
1983 Sonhadora Distorted Humor Swift Temper Will Take Charge Kentucky 2011 Chestnut
2002 2017 Stylish d’Oro Bodemeister Stylish d’Oro Kentucky 2017 Bay
2511 Carmen’s Mystery War Front Mystery At Sea Street Boss Louisiana 2009 Bay
2526 Cinch Cowboy Cal Scrape Wicked Strong Kentucky 2012 Bay
2540 2017 Dazzling Contrast Palace Malice Dazzling Contrast Kentucky 2017 Bay
2625 2017 Julie Truly Violence Julie Truly Kentucky 2017 Dark Bay or Brown
2643 Legendary Bird Birdstone Gulch Legacy Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2012 Chestnut
2651 2017 Love Dove Carpe Diem Love Dove Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
2676 Mizzenway Mizzen Mast Gateway Broken Vow Kentucky 2010 Dark Bay or Brown
2692 No Name Street To Honor and Serve Seeinsbelieven Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2014 Chestnut
2704 Pawleys Express Afleet Express Pawley Girl Kentucky 2012 Bay
2716 Ponya E Dubai Slamya Dialed In Kentucky 2008 Dark Bay or Brown
2717 2017 Ponya Competitive Edge Ponya Kentucky 2017 Bay
2734 2017 Redmeansgo The Factor Redmeansgo Kentucky 2017 Bay
2735 Regal Bird Grand Slam Storm Ring Kitten’s Joy Kentucky 2005 Dark Bay or Brown
2739 Romantica Mia (ARG) Speightstown Road Affair Anchor Down Argentina 2010 Dark Bay or Brown
2741 Rosangela El Prado (IRE) Vivid Angel Summer Front Kentucky 2004 Bay
2763 Snow Lass Stormy Atlantic Keri’s Snowman Runhappy Florida 2006 Dark Bay or Brown
2774 Storm’s Darling Storm Boot Super Darling Honor Code Kentucky 2001 Bay
2777 Surfer’s Paradise Congrats Starlight Tiara Data Link Pennsylvania 2014 Chestnut
2783 Talented Tap Tapit Stylish Talent Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2011 Gray or Roan
2786 Tela Smart Strike Tejida Vancouver (AUS) Kentucky 2012 Dark Bay or Brown
3289 White Rock Lake Rock Hard Ten Zepa Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2012 Bay
3295 2017 Wyn Jym Majesticperfection Wyn Jym Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
3298 2017 Abounding Love To Honor and Serve Abounding Love Kentucky 2017 Bay
3342 2017 Bread Puddin Midshipman Bread Puddin Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
3358 2017 Casuarina Trappe Shot Casuarina Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
3359 Cedar Run’s Emblem Our Emblem Minister’s Lady Anchor Down West Virginia 2003 Bay
3363 Chatillon Ghostzapper Calais Tourist Kentucky 2014 Bay
3368 2017 Classy Production Real Solution Classy Production Kentucky 2017 Bay
3376 2017 Dattts Regal Take Charge Indy Dattts Regal Kentucky 2017 Bay
3380 2017 Diamond Queen Liaison Diamond Queen Kentucky 2017 Bay
3389 2017 Elective Treasure Beach (GB) Elective Kentucky 2017 Bay
3391 Emerald Necklace Kingmambo My Boston Gal Noble Mission (GB) Kentucky 2008 Bay
3463 La Hague (FR) Zieten Mercalle (FR) Tourist France 2008 Bay
3511 My Life Quality Road Mi Vida Tourist Kentucky 2014 Bay
3539 2017 Petite Bear Tapiture Petite Bear Kentucky 2017 Bay
3563 Ragin Cajun El Corredor Shez Myragincajun Normandy Invasion Kentucky 2007 Dark Bay or Brown
3590 2017 Sergeant O’Rourke To Honor and Serve Sergeant O’Rourke Kentucky 2017 Chestnut
3608 Solitary Exclusive Quality Siren Majesticperfection Florida 2011 Dark Bay or Brown
3609 2017 Solitary Atreides Solitary Kentucky 2017 Bay
3619 Star Power Speightstown Sequel Kentucky 2015 Dark Bay or Brown
3623 Storied Tale Tale of the Cat Caminadora Anchor Down Kentucky 2013 Dark Bay or Brown
3631 Stuck in Saratoga Tiznow Lorelei K Oxbow Kentucky 2013 Bay
3659 Transact Hard Spun Exchange Funds Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2013 Chestnut
3664 Untouch Speightstown Unappeased (IRE) Kentucky 2014 Bay
3925 Alaskan Bird Birdstone Broad Legacy Goldencents Kentucky 2011 Bay
3988 Gold Indy A.P. Indy Girl of Gold Tourist Kentucky 2006 Bay
4001 2017 House of Taylor Warrior’s Reward House of Taylor Kentucky 2017 Bay
4012 Kidder Done Thunder Gulch Kalypso Katie (IRE) Anchor Down Kentucky 2003 Gray or Roan
4021 Lemon Maid Lemon Drop Kid Meter Maid Cross Traffic Kentucky 2002 Bay
4048 Of One Heart Perfect Soul (IRE) Hausman Palace Kentucky 2006 Dark Bay or Brown
4060 2017 Port Charlotte Afleet Alex Port Charlotte Kentucky 2017 Bay
4097 2017 Smarty Bird Warrior’s Reward Smarty Bird Kentucky 2017 Bay
4104 Splendorella Deputy Minister Fairy Tale Liaison Kentucky 2005 Bay
4122 2017 Thundering Gale Afleet Alex Thundering Gale Kentucky 2017 Bay

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