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Keeneland 2016 November Breeding Stock Sale
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Hip Pedigree Name Sex Sire Dam Covering Sire State Y.O.B. Color
289 Pulpits Storm Mare Pulpit Saskawea Empire Maker Florida 2013 Bay
316 2016 Stormy Sunday Filly Frankel (GB) Stormy Sunday Kentucky 2016 Bay
329 Touch Love Mare Not For Love Smartenof Empire Maker Maryland 1999 Bay
332 Trensita Filly Curlin Trensa Kentucky 2012 Chestnut
334 Undercover Justice Mare Lawyer Ron Naughty Notions Uncle Mo Kentucky 2009 Bay
335 Undeterred Mare More Than Ready Social Director Empire Maker Virginia 2009 Dark Bay or Brown
337 2016 Urban Ball (IRE) Filly Dalakhani (IRE) Urban Ball (IRE) Kentucky 2016 Bay
367 2016 Beloveda Filly Scat Daddy Beloveda Kentucky 2016 Bay
378 2016 Cash for Clunkers Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Cash for Clunkers Kentucky 2016 Bay
381 Charade Mare Malibu Moon Phoenicia Verrazano Kentucky 2010 Bay
382 2016 Charade Filly The Factor Charade Kentucky 2016 Gray or Roan
389 2016 Cloakof Vagueness Filly Distorted Humor Cloakof Vagueness Kentucky 2016 Gray or Roan
403 Dontbeshy I’ll Buy Mare Cherokee Run Eye of the Artist Medaglia d’Oro Kentucky 2008 Dark Bay or Brown
404 Dos Lunas Mare Hennessy Mi Luna Nueva Tapizar Kentucky 2008 Chestnut
405 2016 Dos Lunas Colt Tiznow Dos Lunas Kentucky 2016 Bay
427 Full Tap Filly Tapit Miss Challenge New York 2012 Bay
459 Kaiserin Mare Tiznow La Reina The Factor Kentucky 2013 Bay
464 Knit One Purr Too Mare Tale of the Cat Luxuriously More Than Ready Ontario 2011 Chestnut
910 Mi Hermana Mare Distorted Humor Babae (CHI) Ghostzapper Kentucky 2008 Chestnut
911 2016 Mi Hermana Filly Paynter Mi Hermana Kentucky 2016 Bay
977 Rasta Farian Mare Holy Bull Chic Corine Bodemeister Kentucky 2003 Dark Bay or Brown
983 2016 Regal Bird Colt Kitten’s Joy Regal Bird Kentucky 2016 Bay
995 2016 Royal Wonder Colt Verrazano Royal Wonder Kentucky 2016 Dark Bay or Brown
1004 Selective Mare Tapit Wednesday’s Child Cairo Prince Kentucky 2006 Chestnut
1006 Selva Mare Forest Wildcat Bayou Mist Verrazano Kentucky 2006 Dark Bay or Brown
1016 Sky Saver Mare Super Saver She Nuit All Oxbow Kentucky 2012 Bay
1029 2016 Starlight Tiara Filly Magician (IRE) Starlight Tiara Kentucky 2016 Bay
1031 2016 St Lucinda Filly Tapizar St Lucinda Arkansas 2016 Dark Bay or Brown
1044 2016 Stylish d’Oro Filly Malibu Moon Stylish d’Oro Kentucky 2016 Bay
1048 Surfer’s Paradise Filly Congrats Starlight Tiara Pennsylvania 2014 Chestnut
1055 Tapajo Mare Tapit Sleep Away Camp Bayern Kentucky 2009 Gray or Roan
1068 2016 This Cat Can Dance Filly Midnight Lute This Cat Can Dance Kentucky 2016 Dark Bay or Brown
1084 Valienta Mare Tale of the Cat Raffishing Look Tapizar Kentucky 2012 Chestnut
1085 2016 Valienta Colt Graydar Valienta Kentucky 2016 Gray or Roan
1185 2016 Cedar Run’s Emblem Colt The Factor Cedar Run’s Emblem Kentucky 2016 Bay
1206 2016 Currency Gains Colt Orb Currency Gains Kentucky 2016 Dark Bay or Brown
1215 2016 Doe Colt City Zip Doe Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
1230 2016 Evening Princess Colt Cairo Prince Evening Princess Kentucky 2016 Bay
1273 Homestake Mare Afleet Alex Rich Find Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2012 Dark Bay or Brown
1274 2016 Homestake Filly Tapizar Homestake Kentucky 2016 Bay
1308 Lorinda Mare Sky Mesa Minimalist Union Rags California 2012 Dark Bay or Brown
1796 Poly One Flex Mare Giant’s Causeway Awesome Ashley Lookin At Lucky Kentucky 2012 Gray or Roan
1806 2016 Pure Refinement Filly Strong Mandate Pure Refinement Kentucky 2016 Bay
1812 2016 Queen’s Court Filly Tapizar Queen’s Court Kentucky 2016 Bay
1813 Queen’s Court Mare Monarchos Binalegend Cairo Prince Kentucky 2005 Gray or Roan
1853 2016 Small Kitchen Colt Cairo Prince Small Kitchen Kentucky 2016 Bay
1874 2016 Street Savy Colt Tapizar Street Savy Kentucky 2016 Bay
1891 Tap Spin (ARG) Filly Tapit Free Spin Argentina 2012 Gray or Roan
1904 Top Touch Mare Touch Gold Starlit Hour Mineshaft Michigan 2007 Dark Bay or Brown
1905 Toscanova Mare Giant’s Causeway Watch Out Tapizar Kentucky 2008 Dark Bay or Brown
1960 Azurite Mare Rock Hard Ten Aztec Pearl The Factor Kentucky 2007 Dark Bay or Brown
1964 Bankruptcy Mare Arch Seeking the Heart Twirling Candy Kentucky 2009 Bay
1965 Beach Mare Tapit Starfish Bay Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2012 Chestnut
2033 2016 Drumette Colt Tapizar Drumette Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
2034 Drumette Mare Henny Hughes Endless Parade Palace Malice Kentucky 2008 Bay
2066 Fun in D’ Sun Mare Sun King Affirmed Dancer Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2010 Dark Bay or Brown
2072 Glencoe Girl Mare Giant’s Causeway The Right Pew To Honor and Serve Kentucky 2013 Bay
2119 Jera Mare Jeblar Mavera Karakontie (JPN) Florida 1997 Dark Bay or Brown
2122 Kanotwait Mare Pulpit Mixup Bodemeister Kentucky 2010 Bay
2123 2016 Kanotwait Colt Verrazano Kanotwait Kentucky 2016 Bay
2621 Santaria Mare Star de Naskra Act of Magic Karakontie (JPN) New Jersey 1995 Dark Bay or Brown
2627 She’s Striking Mare Smart Strike Top Notch Lady Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2009 Bay
2658 Twinkler Mare Benny the Dip Lady of the Light Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2000 Chestnut
2668 2016 Woman Smiling (IRE) Filly Afleet Alex Woman Smiling (IRE) Kentucky 2016 Bay
2670 Write When Ready Mare More Than Ready Epistle Competitive Edge Kentucky 2007 Dark Bay or Brown
2676 Acacia Mare Cherokee Run Checkered Flag Take Charge Indy Kentucky 2005 Bay
2678 Adhara Filly Cowboy Cal Tapatia Kentucky 2013 Dark Bay or Brown
2679 2016 Ad Litem Colt Cross Traffic Ad Litem Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
2685 Allura Mare Awesome Again Promise One First Samurai Kentucky 2008 Chestnut
2705 Better Bet Me Mare Pleasantly Perfect The Right Pew To Honor and Serve Kentucky 2012 Dark Bay or Brown
2718 Capaz Mare Bernardini Mambo Princess Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2012 Bay
2719 Carocuore (ARG) Filly Tapit Carol D Argentina 2012 Bay
2738 Credible Mare Corinthian Seeinsbelieven Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2009 Chestnut
2739 2016 Credible Colt Hat Trick (JPN) Credible Kentucky 2016 Dark Bay or Brown
2781 2016 Foxyfromfairbanks Filly Munnings Foxyfromfairbanks Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
2792 2016 Gold Mirage Filly Tapizar Gold Mirage Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
2793 Gold Mirage Mare Unbridled’s Song Desert Stormette To Honor and Serve Kentucky 2004 Gray or Roan
2815 Including Mare Include Doolittle Constitution Virginia 2010 Dark Bay or Brown
2824 Lake Turkana Filly More Than Ready Lake Naivasha Kentucky 2013 Dark Bay or Brown
2835 Madtap Gelding Tapit Point Chanel Kentucky 2013 Gray or Roan
2876 Swipe Colt Birdstone Avalanche Lily Kentucky 2013 Dark Bay or Brown
2877 Taprize Colt Tapit Fun House Kentucky 2013 Gray or Roan
2911 Civitavecchio (ARG) Colt Tapit Cieli Argentina 2012 Chestnut
2913 Coin Broker Horse Tapit Pay On Demand Kentucky 2010 Dark Bay or Brown
2934 Encrypt Gelding Tapit Ava Knowsthecode Kentucky 2012 Dark Bay or Brown
3454 Petite Bear Mare Officer Controlled Tapiture Kentucky 2008 Bay
3484 Remoulade Mare Lemon Drop Kid Clary Sage Data Link Kentucky 2004 Bay
3496 2016 Satin Thunder Colt Afleet Alex Satin Thunder Kentucky 2016 Bay
3507 2016 Shawklit Delight Filly Majesticperfection Shawklit Delight Kentucky 2016 Bay
3515 Shop Here Mare Dehere Shopping Karakontie (JPN) Florida 1998 Bay
3522 2016 Small Pleasures Colt Cross Traffic Small Pleasures Kentucky 2016 Bay
3535 2016 Stellaluna Filly Jimmy Creed Stellaluna Kentucky 2016 Bay
3545 2016 Tale Untold Filly To Honor and Serve Tale Untold Kentucky 2016 Bay
3622 2016 Bar Fly Blues Filly To Honor and Serve Bar Fly Blues Pennsylvania 2016 Dark Bay or Brown
3643 2016 Capaz Colt Midshipman Capaz Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
3645 2016 Carmaletta Filly Midshipman Carmaletta Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
3667 Concert Pianist Mare Any Given Saturday Glorificamus (IRE) Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2011 Dark Bay or Brown
3668 2016 Concert Pianist Colt Goldencents Concert Pianist Kentucky 2016 Bay
3751 House of Taylor Mare Northern Afleet House of Soviet’s Warrior’s Reward Kentucky 2008 Bay
3779 Lake Natron Mare More Than Ready Lake Naivasha Mr Speaker Kentucky 2012 Dark Bay or Brown
4224 2016 Peek Colt Awesome Patriot Peek Kentucky 2016 Bay
4262 2016 Sergeant O’Rourke Colt Trappe Shot Sergeant O’Rourke Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
4320 2016 Veneti Filly Cairo Prince Veneti Kentucky 2016 Bay
4341 2016 Adirondack Sky Filly Warrior’s Reward Adirondack Sky Kentucky 2016 Bay
4353 2016 A. P. Indy Lover Colt Trappe Shot A. P. Indy Lover Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
4387 Broad Causeway Mare Giant’s Causeway Pure Class Karakontie (JPN) Kentucky 2013 Chestnut
4392 Carmaletta Mare Chief Seattle Carmanetta Revolutionary Kentucky 2005 Dark Bay or Brown
4399 2016 Cielo Conquistador Filly Trappe Shot Cielo Conquistador Kentucky 2016 Chestnut
4489 Lilies and Roses Filly Super Saver Lilly Ladue Kentucky 2012 Chestnut
4496 Portando Gelding Bertrando Porto Marmay (IRE) Kentucky 2012 Bay
4502 Hottap Gelding Tapit Silver Reunion Kentucky 2012 Gray or Roan

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